AVOXI - Intercom Chat

Using AVOXI - Intercom Chat integrations support and sales teams can now manage all of their customer conversations in a single platform. Learn more here

Activating Intercom

The CRM Integration feature is included in available to all license holders, use our easy to follow guide to view, purchase, or upgrade a license

  • Your connection can be accessed via the Integrations page on the left-hand navigation bar of your AVOXI online account.  
  • Select the "connect" button located under the Intercom tab and follow the in-product step by step activation guide.

Viewing your Intercom Settings

To view your Intercom settings, select the "Settings" button on your active integration located under the "Manage" tab.

Next, select the "Settings" tab

Here you can view and manage your Integration "Workflow Settings" and "Screen Pop Templates". 

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