China Virtual Numbers (Toll Free, DID, 400)

China 400 Numbers are the favored replacement for traditional 800 numbers in China.  As a shared-cost number, callers are charged minimal local rates as mobile phones cannot access toll-free 800 numbers.  In addition, unlike toll-free 800 numbers, China 400 numbers are accessible using a mobile phone, with one number covering all of China. 

Understanding China Virtual Numbers

As in most nations, China provides both local and toll-free numbers.  However, due to the country’s geographic size and rapid infrastructure advancement, China has a unique toll-free numbering system.  A brief overview outlines the three types of phone numbers available.

China DID Number (China Local Phone Number) 

The Direct Inward Dialing (DID) number is a virtual phone number with a local area code.  China DID numbers help you establish credibility in China at a local level.  The China local phone number has a specific area code for each city or region. 

Pros and cons include:

  • Provides a local presence in a city.  It is great for a focused entry into a specific market or to work with a particular vendor. 

  • China DID numbers are accessible from mobile phones. 

  • It is a shared cost number.  Your callers pay the local call charge.  You pay the minute rates. 

  • Registration requirements require you to provide copies of your business license, passport, and utility bill.

  • China DID numbers from VoIP vendors have limited availability for select cities.

  • A limit of 2 channels per number is standard.  However, select providers (like AVOXI) have unlimited channels available.

China 800 Toll-Free Number

The 800 number is similar to the regional 800 numbers in other nations. So, for example, to have full coverage of China, you need two 800 numbers—one for northern China and one for southern China. 

Pros and cons include:

  • Chinese landlines to call free of charge. 

  • No registration documents are required to provide the number.

  • However, mobile phones cannot access 800 numbers.

  • Complete coverage of the country requires two 800 numbers.

The China 800 numbers are a good solution when your customers or partners are not reliant on mobile phones, and call charges are essential to the call decision.  For instance, 800 numbers offer solutions to reach your customer support or counseling services.

China 400 Toll-Free Number

China 400 numbers are the popular alternative to 800 numbers for toll-free calling in China.  A single 400 number covers all of China and is accessible from landlines and mobile phones.  Although 400 numbers charge callers local call rates, the numbers are referred to as “toll-free” numbers in China.  400 numbers generally have higher subscription fees and lower per-minute rates than China 800 numbers. 

One crucial cultural point about the 400 number will help your decision based on your intended customers.  The number 4 is considered “unlucky.” While that is not generally a factor in the more modernized cities and advanced industries, it is worth considering depending on the markets you want to reach. 

Pros and cons include:

  • A China 400 numbers cover all of the country—one number for the entire region. 

  • A 400 phone number is accessible from both landlines and mobile phones. 

  • China 400 numbers are a shared-cost number.  The cost to a customer is the same as if that person makes a regular toll call, but there are no long-distance charges.

  • Registration requirements require you to provide copies of your business license, passport, and utility bill.

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