Australian Business Numbers - 1300, 1800 and 13

1300 phone numbers are popular Australian business numbers used by companies wanting to expand their local and international client base. An ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses,  these virtual numbers help create a professional image, and smaller companies appear larger. 

What are 1300 Phone Numbers

1300 phone numbers are ten-digit inbound virtual numbers unique to Australia and Malaysia. Also known as “Local Call” numbers, customers calling a 1300 number from any fixed landline in Australia are only charged local call rates. 1300 numbers in Australia are regulated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority ( ACMA) and are popular and cheaper alternatives to Australian 13 numbers. They offer excellent coverage than a local geographic (DID) Australian phone number.

Types of Australian Business Numbers:  1300 vs. 1800 vs. 13 Numbers

Australia 1300 phone numbers, 1800 toll-free numbers, and 13 local numbers are the three primary types of numbers used by businesses in Australia. The most significant difference between all three numbers is their call costs for the caller and number owner. We briefly explain each number, its differences, and its common use:

Australian 1300 Phone Numbers

  •  1300 phone numbers are also shared cost numbers, as call charges are split between the caller and the business. 
  • Calls made from any fixed landline in Australia are charged at local call rates, with call charges from mobiles dependent on the caller’s service plan and network rates.  
  • While the business/number owner is charged for the incoming call, which costs are based on the call origination.  
  • 1300 phone numbers remain the most popular Australian number service, helping businesses of all sizes establish a single point of contact.  
  • You can learn more from our Australia 1300 number page.

1800 Australia Numbers (Toll-Free)

  •  Australia 1800 phone numbers are also known as toll-free or freephone numbers.  
  •  These inbound virtual numbers include six digits following the 1800 number prefix. Ie. 1800 xxx xxx.
  • 1800 phone numbers are international business numbers with no geographical limitation. 
  • Unlike 1300 numbers charged local call rates, calls made to an 1800 number are free to the caller.  
  • 1800 toll-free numbers are very popular with businesses giving them a professional image and helping them stand out against competitors.
  • You can learn more on our Australia toll-free page.

13 Australia Numbers

  • Australian 13 phone numbers are only six digits in length (i.e., 13 46 65, making them easier to remember. This has made them popular with businesses trying to create a distinctive, memorable phone number. 
  • As with 1300 numbers, callers calling 13 numbers are charged local call rates, with call costs shared between the caller and the business.  
  • The downside to a 13 number is that the ACMA charges annual operating costs, which makes them an expensive option for small - medium-sized businesses.  

Can you Call 1300 Numbers from Abroad?

1300 virtual numbers can be called from select countries outside of Australia, with call costs based on the home country network rates. To call a 1300 number overseas, callers need to dial their country exit code, followed by the Australian code (61), and then your 1300 number. Popular countries that can call 1300 numbers and exit codes include: 

  • China (00)

  • Hong Kong (001)

  • India (00)

  • Indonesia (001, 008 - Indosat / 007 - Telkom / 009 - Bakrie Telecom)

  • Japan (010)

  • New Zealand (00)

  • Philippines (00)

  • Singapore (001 or 008)

  • Thailand (001)

  • United Kingdom (00)

  • U.S.A. (011)

1300 Australia Number Call Costs

When customers dial a 1300 number, call costs are based on two distinct factors:

  • What is being used to make the call, i.e., landline or mobile phone
  • The mobile service provider and chosen plan. 

1300 Number Charges from a Landline

As previously established, 1300 numbers dialed from any fixed landline in Australia are not time-based and are charged lat ow local call rates. Call costs are also split between the business and the caller.  

1300 Number Charges from a Mobile

Customers calling from a mobile device are charged higher call rates based on the caller’s mobile service provider and plan. However, the Australian Communications and Media Authority ACMA recently implemented a  framework with the intent to help make mobile calls to 1300 numbers more affordable. This has led to mobile service providers creating more mobile-friendly plans, which included specific call rates for calls made to inbound 1300 and 13 numbers.

1300 Number Mobile Call Costs

Most mobile phone plans now include a monthly call allowance to 1300 Australian. Referred to as “value mobile plans,” they usually have a monthly dollar allowance for calls and text messages to 13/1300 phone numbers.  

1300 Number Service from AVOXI?

AVOXI boasts a large number inventory of  Australian 1300 phone numbers, 1800 toll-free numbers, and toll-free vanity numbers. In addition, we offer Local (DID)  phone numbers from every city in Australia. Popular local dial-codes include:

  • Sydney (028/029)
  • Adelaide (087)
  • Brisbane (073)
  • Perth (086)
  • Melbourne (038/039)

Learn more about Australia1300 Number Pricing using our latest cost guide, or instantly view and provision your number here.

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