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What does number porting cost? Are there any fees?

Many carriers charge a one-time fee to port your phone number to their network. However, there is no number porting fee with AVOXI. For further information on country-specific number porting regulations, view our International Phone Number Portability Guide.


Can customers still reach me during the number porting process?

Yes, your business phone numbers remain active throughout the porting process.


What if your port request is rejected?

The majority of toll-free number transfers are smooth and hassle-free. However, there are times when carriers reject the number porting request. This happens due to insufficient information, insufficient support documentation, incorrect number details, or outstanding payments.  

In some cases, a disgruntled carrier does not want to lose business and is not cooperative with the process. There are instances in which a carrier claims that there is no recollection or record of your company and no information on your business on file.  

This is a highly confusing and frustrating situation for all involved. The toll-free number was initially purchased through a reseller or broker in almost all of these cases. Reseller purchases toll-free numbers from another Toll-Free Service provider and resell the numbers to its customers.


What if my carrier refuses to transfer a toll-free number?

A carrier cannot refuse a porting request. However, if your current provider is unresponsive to your porting requests, contact AVOXI support, who will gladly assist.


Can I port a Skype Number?

Skype does support VoIP number porting to outside carriers. You can find more information in their support forums or by contacting AVOXI.

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August 1st, 2022


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