How to Transfer (Port) My Existing Numbers to AVOXI

A number transfer, also known as VoIP number porting, is a system that allows end-users to keep their existing international phone numbers while switching from one VoIP provider to another. 

Porting your virtual business numbers to AVOXI is simple with benefits including:

  1. Ability to retain phone numbers your customers are already using and familiar with

  2. Reduce total cost of ownership; porting is free

  3. Disruption-free porting process

  4. Centralize numbers in one platform 

Phone Number Transfer Required Documentation

Once you’re ready to start the virtual number transfer process, the next step is to get your numbers “released” from your existing provider. To do this, the following documentation is required: 

  1. Proof of phone number ownership. A copy of your latest invoice with the port-in number, owner’s name, account number and billing address included. 

  2. Completed Letter of Authorization (LOA). Submitting a completed LOA will allow AVOXI to reach out to your current provider and begin the porting process for you. 

  3. International number porting form. An additional international number porting form may be required for porting numbers. This is not required to port US or Canadian phone numbers. 

How Porting Works

  • Step 1: You (the customer) will read over the existing contract and confirm a few essential items: early cancellation policy and fees, is the account in good standing, outstanding balances, gain or loss of features, etc. 

  • Step 2: We will notify your existing service provider of the request to port and confirm your information. 

  • Step 3:  You will complete the proof of ownership, LOA and international number porting forms. 

  • Step 4: You will submit the documents to our Porting Team at 

  • Step 5: We will notify the Number Portability Administrative Centre (NPAC) of the port request, and the NPAC will create and send a pending port notification to the existing provider.

  • Step 6: NPAC activates the pending port, successfully transferring the number to AVOXI. 

Begin porting your numbers to AVOXI today!   

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