Number Metrics Dashboard

As a Genius Admin, you have the ability to view your "Number Metrics" which gives you the ability to monitor inbound and outbound call activity as well as the average call duration. Drill down from a specific Number report page to Company activity.  

  1. To view or create your "Phone Number Metrics" dashboard select the "Analytics" section on the left-hand side navigation.
  2. Select the "Numbers" tab on the top navigation bar.
  3. Using the "Filter by Numbers" you can now filter by one or multiple numbers for your dashboard visualization.  
  4. Date and Timezone
    • Use the date picker located on the top right corner to select the desired date range
    • By default, the dashboard will use your account Timezone
    • Using the shortcuts to select the time interval 
  5. Your dashboard will automatically update based on your filter criteria

Genius Tip: If you have the permission to do so, you can use the Share Report, Download, or Schedule reports features to share/download realtime metrics.

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September 23rd, 2020


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