Your easy to follow Disaster recovery plan

  1. Run Your Business Remotely: 
    • Cloud-based phone systems are completely accessible over the Internet., this allows you and your employees to work from any office location
  2. Reroute Your Customers with Call Forwarding 
    • If your office location is impacted, you can use your call forwarding feature to redirect all incoming customer calls to an alternate number.  
  3. Inform Your Customers with an IVR
    • If you’re experiencing downtime due to a disaster, you’ll want to inform your customers of any inconvenience they might be impacted by. Customizing your IVR/Auto Attendant message is an easy way to do this. Simply access this feature and customize it with a message that’s applicable to the situation your business is experiencing. 

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August 27th, 2019


Louise Ross

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