How does number porting work?

A brief step by step guide to Virtual Number Porting: 

  1. The winning service provider notifies the existing service provider of the requested port.

  2. The existing provider is asked to validate the customer's information.

  3. The existing provider confirms the customer's information with the winning service provider. (Note: if the information is not submitted correctly this can delay the process.

  4. The winning provider notifies the Number Portability Administrative Centre (NPAC) of the requested port.

  5. The NPAC creates a pending port and sends a notification to the existing service provider.

  6. The winning service provider notifies the NPAC to activate the port.

  7. The pending port is activated in the NPAC and instantly broadcast to the telecommunications industry network.

Although the porting process may appear simple there are often delays in the process due to incorrect information or individuals and associations creating bottlenecks.

For further information on country-specific number porting regulations, view our International Phone Number Portability Guide.

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August 6th, 2020


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