Virtual Number FAQ's

How do I lookup toll free number availability?

You can view available numbers by going to our Online Shopping Cart. Simply select the originating country and number type you would like to see local or toll-free number availability.

NOTE: AVOXI keeps more numbers in stock than the ones displayed in the Online Shopping Cart. Just because a number for a certain country does not appear in the Shopping Cart does not mean that AVOXI is not carrying toll free numbers for that country in stock.

What documents are required to register my number?

Select numbers may require additional documentation for registration purposes.   This is based on in-country regulations, which may include but is not limited to the below:

  • A copy of ID (such as a passport or national ID), 
  • Business registration and proof of address (copy of recent local utility invoice showing the customer name and address).

For a refresher on your number’s registration requirements:

  • Simply go to our online shopping cart
  • Select the required country
  • Select the Number Type (Toll free, Local Shared Cost)
  • Select a similar number 
  • The pop-up window will provide the coverage and restrictions related to the number type and geography.

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