Call Conferencing in AVOXI Core

Your AVOXI Core portal comes equipped with a fully functional call conferencing platform included at no additional cost (rate per minute applies). Easily create and configure unlimited conference rooms with over 50 international access numbers, and host up to 500 participants per room. Keep in mind, all rooms come with a standard 4 hour maximum conference talk time.

To get started, click on Conferencing in the main navigation bar.

AVOXI Core Conferencing

Then, click on the +Add Conference Room button to create your conference room.

A pop-up window appears that prompts you to add a conference room name and configure additional settings. Check the boxes applicable to your call conference requirements and then click on the Create Room button to finish.

Once your conference room is created, another window appears with additional details about your newly created conference room.

From here, you can select and copy conference access details such as the guest PIN (1), your admin host PIN (2) and your access numbers (3).

  1. Guest PIN: This 7 digit code is randomly generated to provide an extra layer of security and prevent outsiders from access to your conference room. Share this pin with your guests to provide immediate access to your conference room.
  2. Admin Host PIN: This code grants administrative rights to users in the conference room. Furthermore, the host pin allows administrators additional control over the conference such as user arrival and departure announcement, play music on hold until the host enters the room, and also make guests wait for the host to start the meeting.
  3. Access Numbers: With over 50 numbers in 25 countries, the conference access numbers allow all users, guests, and hosts to enter conference rooms locally or toll free.

 Click on the Copy Room Details button to automatically add the conference room details to your system’s clipboard. You can then paste this information into your invite and send to participants.


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