Managing Call Forwarding in AVOXI Core

Call forwarding gives you the ability to forward your virtual number to another platform such as your mobile phone, alternative office number, location, SIP trunk, or PBX.  With the ability to forward by the time of day and/or to multiple numbers, so that you never miss a call.

Setup Call Forwarding" on an AVOXI number

Use the below guide to set up your Call Forwarding feature to route incoming calls to an external number or SIP address: 

  • Login to your account at 
  • On the homepage click on the number for which you wish to set up your Call Forwarding
  • Select the Call Forwarding tab located in the upper left-hand corner of your browser.
  • Select the green "+Add Call Forwarding" Button
  • Create a unique Rule Name for your forwarding rule

Forward calls to an External Number

Call Forwarding to PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) allows you to redirect/forward calls to your DID numbers to your landline or mobile number.

  • Enter the destination number using the Country Code and Complete Phone Number. (example for United Kingdom441217892345).

Forward to a SIP Address

If you are forwarding calls to a SIP address, add the SIP address in the SIP URI space provided. Leave protocol set as UDP as most PBX's make use of this protocol.  (view our article on when to set calls to TPC). 

  • Your SIP PBX Configuration:  
    • Calls will be sent from one of our IP addresses (please allow them through your firewall:,, and  
    • Additionally, you will have to configure the following Media/RTP IP addresses,, and  
    • TIP: Your DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service) will be your AVOXI "virtual number" unless otherwise configured
    • To use non-standard ports and/or different DNIS when forwarding to your PABX, 3 combinations: 
      • Standard DNIS, Custom Port - Enter the forwarding "IP address" followed by ":" and then the "port"  eg If you do not specify a port AVOXI will use the standard port for VoIP traffic, 5060
      • Custom DNIS, standard port - Enter the DNSI followed by "@" and then the IP address e.g 4000886621@
      • Custom DNIS, Custom Port - Enter the DNSI followed by "@" and then the IP address followed by ":" and then the port e.g 4000886621@

  • Using the drop-down bar Select how you would like to see incoming calls displayed 
Setting the Call Timeout 

Enter how long you want a call to ring before calls are redirected to the next rule or your voicemail. The recommended standard is 25 seconds or less (approximately 5 rings)

Time of Day Routing (Active Times)

To route calls based on time of day follow the below step by step guide:

  • Select the +Add Active Time option on the call forwarding rule you wish to configure.
  • Select the month, date, or day of the week you wish the rule to be active in the popup window that appears. (Select Always for all days and times).
  • If set to Always, calls will forward to this destination 24/7. 
  • TIP: We recommend aligning your rules with your business or department hours.
  • Select Active on the drop-down bar to activate the rule.
  • Click the Save button to confirm your changes.
TIP: Remember to set up your Voicemail or Virtual Attendant

Set Core Call forwarding to Genius

Once you have an account in Genius and your numbers have been created in Genius, you can route your call traffic to a specific number to redirect from AVOXI CORE to Genius:

  • To get started, log in to your AVOXI Core account
  • Then click on the "My Numbers" tab located on the top of your screen.
  • Next, select the number you wish to update your call forwarding settings.
  • On the number Dashboard. Click on the Call Forwarding tab.
  • Next, click on the Add Genius Forwarding blue-colored tab
  • The "Genius Call Forwarding" rule will be the first on the list. 
  • Scroll down the page and click the "SAVE" button located on the right-hand side.
  • Calls are now forwarding successfully to Genius.
  • Use the following guide to update your call forwarding in Genius.

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