What is CNAM and how does it work?

CNAM, also known as "Caller ID Name" is the name of the person or business placing a phone call (limited up to 15 characters). CNAM is the technology that makes your name appear on the recipient's screen. AVOXI’s CNAM is an outbound calling offer only. It is similar to "Display Name" however display name is for Inbound calls that are then forwarded to an IP/Queue/Team.

All carriers that own numbers have the option to support CNAM. The number carrier you purchase your number from will enter your company name or city into the national database. When you call out from your select number, you will only send the numeric digits. The receiving carrier will then run your digits in the database and display the CNAM or City/State value contained in the national database on the recipient's screen. If someone already has a number stored in their phone book, the CNAM will not show and the name in your contact list will show. Also, it is possible that if your phone tries to recognize the phone number and suggests who is calling that might override the CNAM.  In addition, while we always strive to deliver the best customer experience we can not guarantee that CNAM will always work.  

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August 11th, 2020


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