Configure SIP Trunk - United States

Please follow the below step-by-step instructions to properly configure your SIP Trunk.

Configuration Settings

  • Configure your PBX to send calls to
  • Ensure your firewall is open for the following IP's.
    • SIP:  /
    • RTP:  /
  • Open the following ports to ensure proper connectivity
    • 5060 UDP
    • 10000-65535 RTP
    • Supported Codecs: G729, ULAW, ALAW

Enabling outbound calls

The AVOXI cloud is set to accept calls from the IP address directly associated with your IP address ONLY. AVOXI authenticates using the IP address from where we receive the calls. There is no need to authenticate against username and password.

Make sure to route calls to any of AVOXI’s IP addresses using the specified ports above.

NOTE:  When making outbound calls, make sure to use the country code followed by the number.  For example:  To call a number in the United States, dial 1 for the country code followed by the number → 1 770 937 9735.  Learn more about the United States dial codes.

 As mentioned before, AVOXI authenticates against the IP address from where the calls are sent. If your public IP address changes, please make sure to click on the associated SIP trunk name and make the appropriate change to the IP address.

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