What affects the cost of my toll free number?

Three main factors that affect the cost of an international toll free number:

Origination: Where Are Your Customers Located?

Your international toll free calls originate in the country where your customers are located. For example, if your customers are in Germany, you would purchase a Germany toll free number so those customers can call you toll free. Costs and originating rates per minute vary by country. Additionally, you can expect to pay more for a rare or hard-to-get international toll free numbers, like United Arab Emirate toll free numbers.

Termination: Where Is Your Business Located?

Where you receive calls is the terminating country. Again, rates per minute vary based on the terminating country. For example, if a customer calls your Germany toll free number and the call forwards to a phone in the United Kingdom, the terminating rate per minute is slightly different than if it forwarded to a phone in the US.

Device/Network: How Will You Answer Calls?

Another factor when looking at cost is how you answer calls

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August 27th, 2019


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