Shared Cost Numbers

Shared cost numbers are premium country-specific phone numbers in the UK, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, France, Portugal, and the Netherlands. These numbers are charged at a higher rate than regular numbers; however, call rates are generally lower since the cost is shared between the caller and the business receiving the call. Charges to the caller are typically the amount of a local phone call, with the receiver paying the usage rate. 

Benefits of Shared Cost Numbers

Shared cost numbers provide great coverage within the country. While some domestic toll-free or international toll-free numbers may not be fully accessible in specific regions within a country like China, shared cost numbers provide full accessibility and availability through mobile phones.

Who Can Call My Phone Number: Shared Cost Numbers

Shared cost numbers typically have a small connection or shared usage fees chargeable to the caller. The business generally pays the minute usage fee. One reason to consider a shared cost number is accessibility and mobile availability. However, accessibility and restrictions vary depending on the country.

China, for example, AVOXI offers China 400 numbers that are accessible from mobile phones. That means landline and mobile users have access across all the Chinese provinces. The shared cost is comparable to charges for local calls.

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