Call Quality Standards (MOS)

AVOXI is a global leader in VoIP call quality standards, with 98% of calls handled by AVOXI having received MOS scores above 3.5 (the industry standard for “good” to “excellent” voice quality).

The AVOXI Call Insights feature gives greater visibility into the quality of each call, showing weekly, monthly, and daily Mean Opinion Score (MOS) on all answered calls.  Available as an add-on feature to all AVOXI users with three pricing plans to choose from, and packages based on estimated call volume and standard overage fees.  Once activated  AVOXI Admins have the ability to drill down into call details and review to instantly address quality issues. 

The Mean Opinion Score (MOS) is a commonly-used metric to measure the overall voice call quality for decades. A MOS score of 4 or higher is generally considered to be a good quality call.  If MOS is 3.5 or below, we recommend you look at which of the input metrics are most impacting the score. Use our metrics guide to review the various items that cause poor call quality issues and recommendations on how to address them.

Use our Understanding and Managing Call Insights (MOS) guide to enable the feature on your organization's calls. 

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March 30th, 2022


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