Core Release Notes - September 10, 2019

Today we squashed some bugs in Core and Coza! Thanks to the team for getting these issues resolved so quickly!

Here's what today's release included:

  • Resolved an issue uploading a voicemail message - (SDPMVP-6435) SF Case 00306891
  • Made a fix to resolve some customers who were unable to change their payment method (if they had more than 10 payment profiles in Porta) - (SDPMVP-6481) SF Case 00306891
  • A fix for customer's phone number appearing incorrectly in call logs (appearing as trigger number) - (SDPMVP-6468) SF Case 00306170
  • A fix for Call Logs not showing the To Number correctly - (SDPMVP-6467) SF Case 00306487
  • For Genius support, we removed the sip trunk creation from the process of the "Forward to Genius Button." This is not needed as this portion is completed using the genius migration button.

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February 28th, 2020


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