Core/Coza Release: March 12, 2020

Hi teamAVOXI!

Our virtual number team successfully released the below updates to Core/COZA today;

Fixes and Enhancements 

  • A fix for numbers not displaying in the Customer Core UI

    • Some numbers were not visible in the customer's Core portal, but were visible in porta, had call traffic and were working 
    • Cause: The Core UI was hiding products that have been deprecated and contains the letters "rec"
    • (SDPMVP-8742)
  • Fetch large volume of logs 

    • Fetch monthly logs for One Link (or other customers) and export them to a CSV file. 
    • Add an extra button for the customer to be able to do this next to the download.
    • Updated Support User Guide to follow
    • (SDPMVP-8628)
  • Update JWT token for Core with new user per PMR

    • (SDPMVP-8753)

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