What are the different number types, how they work and differ?

International Toll Free Virtual Number

ITFS or international 800 numbers, allows callers worldwide to reach your business without being charged.         Certain countries have restrictions for calls from mobile devices which may include surcharges or limited accessibility.

Universal International Toll Free Number

UIFN is similar to an international toll free virtual number in that the caller isn't charged for the call. Unlike regular toll free numbers, a single UIFN number can be dialed toll free from various countries. There are over 50 countries in the UIFN number program. Restrictions may apply 

Domestic Toll Free Virtual Number

DTF work similarly to an International toll free virtual number in that they are free to the caller.  Being country-specific, these numbers can only be called within the originating country but are usually accessible from all in-country mobile networks.

Local Virtual Number

DID/DDI is available in thousands of cities around the world and helps businesses establish a local presence in multiple locations without the cost of a physical office. Local callers pay a standard local calling fee, which varies based on their geographic location. Local DID/DDI virtual numbers can usually be dialed by callers around the world and provide full accessibility and availability through mobile and payphone. A caller dialing your number from abroad will, however, be charged international rates for the call.

Shared Cost Virtual Number

Country-specific phone numbers in the UK, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, France, Portugal, and the Netherlands - to name a few.  Call rates are generally lower for shared cost numbers since the cost is shared between the caller and the business receiving the call. Charges to the caller are typically the amount of a local phone call with the receiver paying the usage rate. Shared cost numbers provide great coverage within the country. While some domestic toll free or international toll free numbers may not be fully accessible in certain regions within a country like China, shared cost numbers provide full accessibility and availability through mobile phones.

Vanity Virtual Number

Is a DTF or UIFN virtual number that spells out a specific brand name or service.  Vanity numbers carry the same coverage and restrictions as a DTF or UIFN number. The added challenge is to identify and acquire just the right combination of numbers or words. Availability may be limited, have longer wait times and are generally more expensive.

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