My Core Online Portal shows that I have a balance. What is the breakdown of the charges?

The AVOXI Online Portal makes it easy to manage billing and payments.

STEP 1: Log into your AVOXI Core account at

STEP 2: To view your billingaccount profile information, click the “My Account” button located on the top right hand side of the home page.  Click on the "Update Payment Method" button located on the lower left-hand corner of the home screen

STEP 3: All invoices can be downloaded as PDF documents from the Invoices tab. 

STEP 4: All payment records can be viewed from the Payment History link.

STEP 5: You can also make payments directly from the Invoices tab. 

STEP 6: Use the Subscriptions tab to view all of the active AVOXI products and services on your account.

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August 27th, 2019


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