AVOXI Genius Free Trial Overview

The AVOXI 7-Day Free Trial offer is only applicable to new AVOXI customers. Businesses are required to provide a verifiable corporate email address (an email address with your corporate domain name). Customers may select to try our 7-Day Free Trial Services for a period of up to seven (7) days from the effective start date. 

What is included? 

All 7-Day Free Trial accounts include 3 x Enterprise Licensecomplimentary $15 credit that can be used to purchase local or toll free phone numbers of your choice (subject to approval) and automatic access to our 60-Day Call Insights Free Trial.

Upgrading a 7-Day Free Trial

As an AVOXI Admin, you have the ability to upgrade your 7-Day Free Trial and convert to a paid account at any time during the 7-day trial period. Once your Free Trial account has been upgraded this will automatically cancel/end and the Free Trial will convert it to a paid account.  


Call Insights Note:  When upgrading the remainder of your Call Insights 60-Day Free Trial will be carried across to your converted/active AVOXI account.  As an AVOXI Admin, you are required to cancel the subscription during the remaining Free Trial period, after which time you will automatically be renewed and be billed a monthly recurring fee on the Basic plan.

Canceling a 7-Day Free Trial

You are not required to cancel your 7-Day Free Trial nor will your account auto-renew.  If at the end of the 7-Day period you have chosen not to upgrade your account this will automatically cancel. 

Suspended Account

All 7-Day Free Trial accounts include a credit limit, once this credit limit has been reached the account will automatically be suspended (regardless of how many days are still remaining on the trial account).  Should you wish to lift the suspension please contact sales@avoxi.com.

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