AVOXI South Africa Number Porting Process and Requirements

Number porting is the process of transferring an existing number to a new carrier. This gives businesses the ability to retain their numbers, which can then be used as an outgoing CLI.  AVOXI's local licensing and direct subscription to the Number Portability Company (NPC) makes porting in South Africa uncomplicated and easy.  In addition, all porting is carried out in line with the Electronic Communication ACT, No 36 of 2005 for Number portability, Gazette 30089, dated 13 July 2007.

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Portable Numbers in South Africa

  • Geographic (local):    +271xx, +272xx, +273xx, +274xx, +275xx
  • Non-geografical National:    +2787, +2786 (portable as of March 7, 2022)
  • Non-geografical Toll Free:    +27800, +27808 (portable as of March 7, 2022)

As of March 2022, customers have the ability to port geographic, toll-free, and non-geographic South Africa numbers without sacrificing the identity tied to their existing business phone number. Speak with your account manager today (sales@avoxi.com) to consolidate your South Africa numbers portfolio and take advantage of AVOXI's reliable voice service and competitive rates. Learn more in our informative Porting Webinar!

Non Portable Numbers in South Africa

  • Mobile:    +278, +277, +276

Number Porting Requirements

Before submitting a port order to AVOXI please ensure the following criteria is met:

  • The number must be active.
  • The number must not be suspended for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • The number must not have been ported to another provider within the last 60days.
  • The number must not have been terminated.
  • The number should not be linked to any other service (ie. DSL line).

Porting & Documentation Required 

Once your request is received, AVOXI will submit the port to the NPC on your behalf using the below legal form and supporting documents that state you are giving the gaining provider (AVOXI) the authority to act on your behalf with regards to your numbers. 

Please submit your port request to porting@avoxi.com and include the below-required documentation:

  • AVOXI GNP Form (1).docx
  • Authorization letter (must be on a client’s letterhead)
  • ID copy of the signatory
  • Latest telephone invoice or statement (account number and holder verification)
  • In the case of an ISDN, an authorization letter stating whether to cancel or create a new range for the numbers that are not being ported.

Porting Timelines

If all the information you've provided is complete and correct and depending on the complexity of the port we can complete your port request within the following timeframes:

Fixed Line operators (Telkom) 

  • Analog Lines:  2 - 5 working days from date of submission (INDIVIDUAL PORT)
  • ISDN/PRI:  7- 14 working days from date of submission (MANAGED RANGE)

Other Providers

  • 7- 10 working days from date of submission 

For large orders, numbers need to be ported in batches and can cause longer lead times. Please contact the Porting team when needing to port more than 100 numbers in a batch. 

Troubleshooting Porting Delays

What rejections can cause porting delays

  • The MSISDN or DN/DN Range is not valid on the donor operator network.
  • The MSISDN or DN/DN Range is excluded from number portability.
  • For a postpaid subscriber, the MSISDN, account number, and account holder id number do not match.
  • The classification of the account does not match.
  • Subscriber in the suspension of outgoing or incoming calls due to failure to pay a bill.
  • MSISDN or DN/DN Range not valid on SP.
  • MSISDN, Account Number, Corporate Registration Number does not match, or Port Request is unauthorized,
  • Port Request is for an inter-SP port; for this NO, inter-SP ports are handled outside the CRDB.
  • Other reasons:
    • Porting Back
    • Malicious
    • Fraudulent
    • Posted in Error
  • A participant has a routing problem.
  • A participant has an authorization problem.
  • The participant has a transmission problem.
  • Accept and Move to Individual GNP
  • Accept and Move to Managed GNP
  • The installation address is outside the geographic area associated with the DNs/DN Ranges specified in the request.
  • DN Range is not exclusively used by the operator requesting the port.
  • DN(s) or DN Range are excluded from porting under Regulation 3.
  • Account Number is not the account number used by the donor operator for the DN(s) or DN Range for which porting is requested.

Common reasons why the losing carrier would reject your port request

The donor operator may reject a request to port an individual number or a number block only on the following grounds:

  • The number or number block is not a valid number or number black on the donor operator’s network, or the number block is not used exclusively by the entity requesting the porting;
  • The number or number block is excluded from number portability under regulation 3;
  • The account number in the request is not the account number used by the donor operator for the number of numbers or number block for which porting is requested;
  • The subscriber is already subject to suspension of outgoing or incoming calls because of failure to pay a bill;
  • The number or number block is already subject to a porting process;
  • The number or number block has already been ported in the last 2 months;
  • The donor operator shall not reject a request to port a number or number block because the subscriber still owes money, nor may the delay the porting until the debt is collected, unless the subscriber is already subject to suspension of outgoing or incoming calls because of failure to pay a bill;
  • The donor operation shall not reject a port for a number or number block due to a remainder term on an existing agreement.

Can a ported number be reversed? 

If a client ported in error or forgot to ask for the ADSL service to be retained, the porting request can be withdrawn within 60 days of its submission. However, any associated fees may not be refundable.

Learn more about international porting in our comprehensive International Number Porting guide!

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