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The first step for any customer is to allocate a number to the customer. This will be the basis of any other account ID that follows.

On the DID inventory panel, you can manage the phone numbers (DIDs) that you purchase from various telco partners. You have the following options:


  • Click the Upload button to upload your DIDs from a .csv, .xls or .xlsx file into PortaBilling®.
  • Prepare a .csv, .xls, or .xlsx file with the following headers and fill in these fields:

Mandatory fields:

  • Number - Specify a phone number here.
  • DID vendor batch – Specify the name of the vendor batch this DID belongs to. Make sure you have already created the vendor batch with this name in PortaBilling®.
  • Activation fee – Specify a one-time cost paid to a vendor for DID number activation.
  • Periodic fee – Specify a monthly amount charged by a vendor for the provisioned DID number.

Not mandatory fields:

  • Description – Type a short description for a particular DID number.
  • Released date – The date on which this number was released from the customer it was previously assigned to. The released date must be earlier than the upload date and time. The format is: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
  • Free of charge – Mark a DID number as provisioned free of charge. When a DID number is assigned to a customer or a reseller from this batch, no charges apply and no xDR is created.
  • Country – Specify the country that this number belongs to. The format is a two-letter country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2). Specify "--" for "Not applicable".
  • Area – Specify the area that this number belongs to.
  • Note that the column headers are important! Make sure that the field names and formatting in your uploaded files is correct.


  • Click the Download button to download phone numbers from the DID inventory. 
  • Use the downloaded file to update DID activation and periodic costs. 
  • You can upload it back to the DID inventory or use it as a tool for analysis.

Quick access

The DID inventory panel lists these quick access options:

  • Total number – The list of all DIDs in the DID inventory.
  • In use – The list of DIDs that are already provisioned as account IDs.
  • Not in use – The list of DIDs that are available to be used.
  • Frozen – The list of DIDs that are kept for later use. DIDs are frozen by default when uploaded to the DID inventory.

Pricing Batches

The number of DIDs under every option is an active link that opens the selected group.

  • Popular pricing batches
    • This signifies the top three pricing batches that contain the largest number of DIDs. 
    • Here you can find information about the number of DIDs that are currently in use from these pricing batches.
  • Click a pricing batch name to open it.

DID numbers list

This section leads you to a group of panels where you can view the list of currently available DID numbers, search for a particular DID number, and create new DID numbers for testing purposes.

Tax transaction codes

On this panel, you can configure automatic tax calculation for DID numbers' charges via external plug-ins.

Vendor batches

This section leads you to the group of panels where you can manage vendor batches: to view, search, and/or create new vendor batches.

Pricing batches

This section leads you to the group of panels where you can manage your DID pricing in the form of pricing batches: to view, search and/or create new pricing batches.

DID groups

This section leads you to the group of panels where you can view the list of DID groups already created, search for a particular DID group and/or create new DID groups.

Creating New DID Groups

It can be done by following the next steps:

  1. Search for the DID Inventory option in the menu 

  1. Select the DID numbers list

  1. Type in the prefix you are looking for and select the Not in use status and click on apply 

  • This will show all the available numbers in your inventory (If you do not have any in stock please send an email to to allocate more of the specific prefix)

  1. Select the number you wish to allocate to the customer and click MANAGE at the top right-hand corner.      
  • This will open additional options for the number

  1. Assign the number to the applicable pricing batch and assign it to your customer 

  • You will notice that the number is now assigned to your customer

  1. Click on the customer name to navigate to their Customer page

  1. Click on accounts

  1. Choose create

  • You will now notice that there is a DID ICON next to ID

  1. Click on DID
    • This will take you to the DID assignment page
  1. Click on next
    • This will take you to the available DID’s page, as we only assigned one DID to this account it will only have one listed. If you added more than one it will give you the option to choose from the available DID’s.

  1. Click on ASSIGN
    1. This will now assign the DID to the new account ID

  • You can now continue to Choose the product, assign a service password and change the billing type to Credit and add a Batch number (we recommend using batches as this gives you the ability to change and delete multiple account ID’s at once)

  • Once done, click on save. Your new account ID will now be active on the system.

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