Downloading Xdr's in Porta One MR85 New UI

This article will explain how to download Xdr's on Porta's MR85 new UI

Firstly you need to go to either the Account or Account ID to be able to pull the applicable records

Once there you need to click on the xDRs button.

This will take you to the Search Xdr section.

You now need to select the criteria you are looking for in the summary section

Once filled in click on Apply filters button

This will now give you a summary of your Xdr's. 

When you click on the Download button it will schedule the download. 

Once the download is ready you can find it in your notifications section in the top right hand corner.

You need to click on the specific notification to be able to get to the download button

You can now click on the download button and the Xdr's will download

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November 13th, 2020


Wikus Pretorius

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