AVOXI Reseller Global Porting

Advantages of Using Geographical Number Portability (GNP)

Key Benefits

  • Your Telkom line converted to IP
  • No line rental per channel
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Connecting you no matter where you are

Requirements for GNP Application

  1. Complete the GNP Authorization form.
  2. Provide a copy of the ID of the person who signed the GNP Authorization form.
  3. Provide a letter on company letterhead.
  4. Provide a copy of the customer’s LATEST bill. International Toll Free services and local DID


Q:   When might a request for porting be declined or rejected by the block operator?

      A port request may only be rejected for the following reasons:

  • The number(s) or number range is not valid on the donor operator’s network or the number range is not exclusively used by the entity requesting the port.
  • The number(s) or number range is excluded from porting under regulations 3.
  • The account number provided is not the account number used by the donor operator for the number(s) or number range for which the porting is requested.
  • Subscriber is already subject to suspension for outgoing or incoming calls because of failure to pay a bill.
  • The number(s) or number range is already subject to a porting process.
  • The number(s) or number range has already been ported in the last 3 months.

Q:   When might a port reversal be rejected?

      A port reversal can only be rejected for the following reasons::

  • The port was done in error.
  • The port was done maliciously.
  • The port was done fraudulently.

Other reasons as agreed upon between the recipient operator, donor operator, and customer.

Q:   When will a change of address request be rejected?

A change of installation address request, following a successful port, may only be rejected if the proposed installation address is outside of the geographic area associated with that number by the block operator. A rejection will result in port reversal. 

When not to apply for GNP

GNP is not a good option for customers that wish to change their address and move from Telkom to AVOXI simultaneously, this is certainly an issue when the physical move is to another Telkom exchange block area.

AVOXI will rather issue new geographic numbers to the customer in the case of relocation outside of the original Telkom exchange area or apply for porting prior to moving.


Please Note: GNP is an option only if the physical move of premises is within the same Telkom exchange area.

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