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By law in South Africa, you need to specify a valid South African CLI. This means that no 0800 or 0860/1 numbers can be used for outbound CLI. The format should be in E.164 format i.e 27114616300 

This can be done in two places.

The main account (this will force the CLI on all sub-accounts unless otherwise stated and on the actual account ID.

This can be selected by going to the account/account ID, selecting services, Voice Calls, outgoing calls, and enabling the override Identity option

Here you can specify a default identity value. It replaces the account identity (or display number) when the identity used for the call in the RPID / PAI headers (or From header) is invalid. If not specified, the account ID is used instead.

Override display number

This allows you to control the "Caller number" value that is placed in the From header and typically displayed on the called party’s phone display. The possible values are:

Never – The displayed number supplied by the remote party is not restricted and therefore is not modified. This allows the remote IP phone or IP PBX to supply a CLI / ANI number.

If ruled out by the identity constraint – The validity of a display number supplied by a remote party is verified according to a rule set for identity. For example, when the If different from account ID and aliases option is selected in the Override identity list, and the display number supplied by the remote party do not match the ID of the account that is authorized for the call or any of the aliases assigned to this account, the display number is overridden.

If different from the user identity – The displayed number supplied by the remote party (in the From header) is overridden if it is different from the caller identity used (already checked and/or overridden according to the Override identity constraint) caller identity.

Always – The displayed number supplied by the remote party is always overridden. This allows you to manually specify a display number for an account.

Display number

Specify a value that will override and replace the account’s original display number. If no value is specified, it defaults to the account’s Identity value.

Override display name

Select whether to replace the original account number with the desired name.

Display name

This allows you to specify the desired name for the account.

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