Genius Release Notes: January 22, 2020

AVOXI Genius Deployment Summary: Improvements to call forwarding and audio.

Adjustments & Improvements

  • Editing Call Forwarding rule

    • A fix for the white screen when trying to edit a call forwarding rule.
  • Opus codec for the webphone 

    • Fix to ensure that the Opus codec is selected whenever possible for the Genius webphone.
    • Opus is an adaptive bandwidth codec that enables a better audio quality experience for VoIP calls.
  • Address Audio

    • Improvements to address audio issues experienced by some customers

Roadmap Work

Other work in this cycle went into laying the groundwork for future products such as:

  • IVR report
  • Ghosting feature for Avoxi users
  • CRM integration
  • Labels for phone numbers
  • Updating and adding test cases by the QE team

Please send in any issues you might encounter with details to 

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June 16th, 2021


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