Genius Release Notes: January 29, 2020

AVOXI Genius Deployment Summary:  NEW agent timelines, auto-answer, and support access tools.

What's New:

  • Agent timelines

    • Enjoy the zoom and drag functionality within the Agent report-> Agent Status Timeline.
    • This helps visualize the agent status across a timeframe and easily drill down into weeks, days, hours as needed.
  • Auto-answer enhancement 

    • When auto-answer is enabled, only the first call to a user at any given time is auto-answered.

    • If the user is already on a call, then any further incoming calls will alert the user but will not be auto-answered.

    • The user can then decide whether to accept/decline the incoming call.

  • Support Access tools: (Ghosting

    • Building on our mission to make the configuration and support of the Genius platform more collaborative, the Support Access tools provide Avoxi team members a co-browsing type access into Genius customer interfaces.

    • These experts can help with customer configuration, troubleshooting, etc without the need for any additional third-party tools.

    • The Genius customer still has complete control over how much access they provide (none, read-only, or read-write)

  • Audio quality and call disconnection fixes 

    • Several fixes have been applied to address audio quality reports and call drops for queue calls. 

  • CRM Integration

  • Additional work for CRM Integration (including advanced matching of phone numbers for screen pop), testing suite expansion, recording rules work.

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