Genius Release Notes: May 14, 2020

AVOXI Genius Deployment Summary: NEW User Queues; CRM Salesforce Integrations and enhancements to call recordings, queues, and audio files.

What’s NEW

  • Users and Queues

Please welcome the newest member of the Users page -> Queues. The User page and User Detail page now includes the list of queues that the user is a member of.

  • Users list can be exported to a CSV file 

Simply click on the additional menu bar on the top-right and export the entire user's list Admins and Supervisors have an added option to log any queue members off via the queues-> Members page 

  • CRM Integration

  • The call log posted to Salesforce includes any available Call Disposition information for inbound queue calls. This provides a complete view of the customer interaction journey from within the CRM. 
  • The call log posted to Salesforce includes a link to the Genius call recording and call detail record. 
  • Users within a CRM can access details about the call or listen to the call recording easily.


  • Call Recordings

Call recordings start from when the called party answers.  This removes any silence at the beginning of the call making the recording experience better

  • Audio File

Allow special characters like “-” to be in the .wav file names used for prompts and audio files

  • Queues

Queues-> Members page has a new column: “Last Call time”. This shows the last time the agent handled an incoming queue call for that queue. 


  • We fixed issues with Number-> Call forwarding rules: The active time's settings work perfectly now and the rules can be saved successfully.
  • In some cases the user status of the person who transfers an incoming queue call to another queue was incorrect. This has been resolved.

  • A call routing between Attendants could play a ringing tone in between. This has been resolved for a seamless Auto-Attendant experience.

  • Some outbound calls had choppy audio (sounded robotic). This was due to a codec issue and has been resolved with this release.

Release notes include new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Updates are done weekly so check back often to see what's new. Please forward product suggestions to

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