Genius Release Notes: March 31, 2020

AVOXI Genius Deployment Summary: NEW click-to-dial feature launch and enhancements to CRM screen pop and agent reports. 

What’s NEW

  • Click- to-Call (NEW FEATURE)

    • Click to call is available to all Genius Contact and Enterprise Licenses holders at no additional cost.
    • A web-based form of communication, the click to dial functionality uses a browser plugin that allows users to auto-dial any number presented through a webpage on the Genius webphone.
    • The feature is suited to any Genius user requiring outbound dialing on both local North American and International numbers
    • By enabling the Click-to-Call extension, Genius users can easily place calls to their contacts within CRM, helpdesk, websites, etc.
    • Install your new  Avoxi Genius Click-to-Call extension now.

Feature Enhancements

  • CRM Screen Pop matching enhancement

    • Genius will match the phone number (incoming caller-id or outgoing dialed number) with Contacts and Account phone number fields in the Salesforce CRM.
    • This increases the match percentage for calls and provides instant information about caller/callee on more calls. 
  • Agents Report

    • The Agent Report provides a complete view of the call activity for agents.

    • It can be easily filtered by queues (for agent groups) and timeframes.

    • This report was enhanced to include "Queues Call", and direct inbound and outbound calls to agents.

    • Follow our user guide to learn more View your Agents Analytics in Genius


  • Call Recording playback for calls older than 1 month

    • Resolved an issue with recording not playing back for calls over 30 days old.

    • Now call recordings can be played back as long as the retention policy is set up correctly.

    • Follow our user guide to set up a retention policy for recordings: How to enable Inbound Call Recording in AVOXI Genius

  • Incoming call routing

    • Fixed issue where incoming calls to some numbers were being routed using incorrect logic causing some queue calls to go to voicemail

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