Genius Release Notes: March 24, 2020

AVOXI Genius Deployment Summary: NEW Call controls and enhanced call direction, and number reports

What’s NEW

  • “Disconnect Call” option added to Attendant

    • This new feature allows the Attendant to do hangup/disconnect calls.

    • Example: If a caller does not press any digit / no input is received then the Attendant / IVR can disconnect the call.

  • Call Direction: 

    • Added ability to filter by call direction in a Company Activity log
  • Drill down from Numbers report 

  • Metrics to the Company Activity log

  • Added Inbound Direct Calls to agents in the Agent report

    • The Agent report now gives a complete view of all calls received and made by the agent for a specific time frame
  • Activity logs time frame selector

    • Has more *quick select* filters to easily select most often used time frames 

  • Expanded the character limit for company billing address field “State”

    • Expanded the character limit for company billing address field “State” to be more than 21 characters to support global addresses


  • Fixed issue with phone number call forwarding rule when start and end date are the same
  • In addition, many fixes and enhancements were made to improve system stability, improvements were made in CRM Screen pop fetch, and the automation test suite continues to ramp up steadily

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June 16th, 2021


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