Genius Release Notes: June 23, 2020

AVOXI Genius Deployment Summary: NEW Genius annual plans, billing page redesign, call queues to add to the user page, IVR enhancements, and adjustments made to live dashboards.

What’s NEW

  • Call Queues/Teams add to User Page

Added search functionality on the user page to include Call Queues/Teams. Now you can easily search for your team members on the main user page. 

  • NEW Genius Annual Plans

Genius Annual Licenses plans provide an estimated 20% annual discount. Contact your Account Manager to upgrade your existing monthly licenses to an annual plan.

  • Contact Annual Licenses subscription fee @ $19.99 / licenses / month
  • Enterprise Annual License subscription @ $39.99 / license / month
  • Billing Page Redesign

The Genius Billing page has been redesigned to provide easier to understand information. You can now quickly and easily view your outstanding invoice balance, current account balance, and payment information.


  • *Intro Prompt* in the Virtual Attendants is not barge able. 

    • This means that if configured, then callers cannot press DTMF digits during the intro prompt. 
    • This is useful for scenarios where a company or team wants to play a message at the beginning like a special notification, regulatory message, call recording notification, etc that they want the callers to hear without skipping it. 
    • A friendly description has been added to this field to make that easier.
  • The Input section of the Virtual Attendant will order the input digits in ascending order automatically.

  • Enhancements made to filter settings on Live Dashboard. 

    • Supervisors and Team leads can now use the live Dashboard to:

      • Track performance across their teams

      • Identify busy periods of high call volume

      • Make realtime Team changes to handle call volume

      • Identify average wait time and longest wait times in realtime

      • Coach calls across their teams from a single view

      • View calls waiting in line to take actions


  • Adjustments made to the GENIUS UI so the column headers in some Analytics sections do not get distorted at certain zoom levels.
  • Resolved issues where some agents were stuck in a disconnected state.
  • Resolved reporting issue when selecting a date range.

Release notes include new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Updates are done weekly so check back often to see what's new. Please forward product suggestions to

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