Genius Release Notes: July 22, 2019

The new version is now available and ready for a spin. Please do log out, clear your cache and log back in as you start your workday.


  • Configured voicemail greeting file not saving correctly

It was found that the voicemail greeting would sometimes not show up correctly. With this change the recorded greeting will show up in the UI, and also a preview playback of any recorded and saved voicemail greeting is available.

  • Voicemail improvements: 

A better workflow for capturing and storing voicemails will allow higher scale and efficiency

  • Better troubleshooting tools for audio quality/issues

Added logging for capturing more information on Genius audio calls. 

  • Call Recording

This update will stop a call recording if the red stop button is clicked.                                                                                               

  • Better layout for the user edit screen: 

This improved how admins configure new users and assign licenses/extensions and roles

  • Faster webphone reconnection times

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