Genius Release Notes: April 7, 2020

AVOXI Genius Deployment Summary: Enhancements made to click-to-dial, agent reports, queue activity, user roles, and licenses.

  • Click to Dial behavior when already on a call

    • Enhanced logic to prevent a new call from being placed via click to call when the user is on a current call.

  • Agent Report

    • Added tooltips for metrics shown in Agents report and added more metrics to report on queue calls, direct inbound, and direct outbound calls for agents.

  • Filtering in Queue Activity

    • Fixed an issue with filtering on multiple call queues in the Queue Activity page.
    • The results should now show the correct set of calls.
  • User Role/License change information

    • In order for a role or license change to take effect for any user, a log-out/ log-in is required by that user.

    • A friendly tooltip is now shown with this information on the User Detail page.

  • Agent status stuck in *busy* status

    • Fixed issue where agents could remain in *busy* status after a call ends 

  • Agent report whitespace issue

    • Fixed issue where the agent time in “Answering call dispositions” showed up as whitespace in Agent Activity Timeline.

    • The “Answering call dispositions” status is a pause status and is now reflected correctly.

  • Call Recording quality

    • Enhancements made to call recording to address quality issues in recordings.

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