Genius Release Notes: April 14, 2020

AVOXI Genius Deployment Summary: NEW personalized prompts, greetings, and music files. We also launched enhancements to agents activities reports and analytics

What’s NEW

  • Personalized prompts, greetings and music files  

    • Every phone number and call center queue can be personalized using custom greetings, prompts, or hold music files.
    • The new logic allows Genius users to easily upload files in the correct format, preview the file with a single click, and easily preview other files in the library.
    • Better error handling also gives the user an immediate error alert if the file being uploaded is not playable with helpful information about supported file formats and size.
    • For more information view our easy to follow Genius Audio User Guides.

  • Improvements to Company Activity User search field 

    • Activity-> Company Activity-> Search-> User 

    • The search field can now accept multiple users to be used as the filter criteria 

  • Queues-> Members-> add member modal

    • The user list is sorted alphabetically in Analytics->Agent report  

  • Analytics->Agent report

    • Drill down into specific user/agent has more details added to include metrics for:
    • Queue Calls - Answered, Unasnwerewd and Average Time to Anwer
    • Direct Calls - Inbound Direct, Outbound Direct, Outbound Direct Talk Time

  • Queue-> live calls section

    • Fixed issue with some live calls not showing up correctly in Queue-> live calls section
  • Call Activity -> Left navigation bar missing

    • Fixed an issue where the "Left navigation bar disappearing in some cases.

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