AVOXI Release Notes: January 5, 2021

AVOXI Deployment Summary:  This week we launched IVR Reports, Share Call Recording, and Bulk User Edits.  We also made several enchancements and adjustments to improve the overall customer experience. 


NEW IVR Report 

  • This report shows how callers interact with the IVR menu by providing metrics on call paths taken by incoming callers for any given phone number. 
  • A valuable contact center management tool, the IVR report helps managers understand the full customer’s journey so help identify trends, frustration points, and areas that require improvement. 
  • Build a custom report using the following guide.  

NEW Share Call Recordings

  • Easily share call recordings with any other AVOXI users or external users via email addresses. The call recording and call details will be emailed to the recipient, and you can even add a friendly note with the share.

NEW Bulk User Edits

  • Administrators can now quickly and effortlessly perform bulk updates to user licenses, roles, and team assignments in only a few clicks.  
  • The valuable time-saving tool was designed to help managers efficiently manage their teams. 
  • Use our step-by-step guide to select, delete, or modify users' licenses.


Analytics Page

  • Faster reports are better reports. We agree and this release has code to speed up the loading of any reports on the Analytics page.

Team Activity

  • Improved the filtering by wait time and time to answer on the Team Activity page.

Webphone Enhancements

  • Extension to Extension (internal calls) will correctly display the user’s name on the webphone.
  • Added a new setting to enable/disable the call quality rating that is shown to users on the webphone after calls. 
  • Added a friendly notification if the AVOXI web application is not on the latest version. A quick web browser refreshes or clicking on the reload link in the notification will apply updates. 

External Call Recording Storage

  • Added notification if configured external call recording storage has any errors.


Live Dashboards

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the supervisor is unable to monitor calls from the LIVE dashboard page.

Enterprise License

  • Fixed an issue where upgrading a license plan from contact to Enterprise can cause additional licenses to be added incorrectly.

Virtual Attendant

  • Fixed an issue where Team names would sometimes become <blank> in the Virtual Attendant selection list.

Team Activity

  • Fixed an issue where some calls were not showing up on the Team Activity page, although they were included in the Teams report. 

Release notes include new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.  Updates are done weekly so check back often to see what's new.  Please forward product suggestions to product@avoxi.com 

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