AVOXI Release Notes - March 8, 2022

AVOXI Deployment Summary:  With this week's release all AVOXI customers can now port South Africa non-geographic numbers, and Beta customers can now upload documents directly into their online platform. 

NEW South Africa Non-Geographic Number Portability

It is now possible to port non-geographic numbers used by local businesses, non-profit organizations, and consumers for toll-free, shared-cost, premium rate, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services — i.e. numbers starting with 0800, 0860, 0861, 0862, and 087.  Learn more here! 

BETA Document Management - Upload Required Documents 

BETA customers now have the ability to upload required documentation via their Active Orders number profile page. With only a few clicks they can instantly view a detailed list of required docs and instantly upload.  Once these are received and reviewed by our number onboarding team, the in-application status will automatically update and include any relevant notes. Email pilot@avoxi.com to gain early access to this timesaving feature. Learn more about viewing Number Orders Status and Required Documents

Enhancement Call Insights User Guides

To improve our overall customer experience, we have relocated the in-application "Support Case" functionality.  A button now appears directly on the Call Insights Activity page, with our goal being to provide a smoother user flow for our customers. 

Adjustments ~ Fixes

  • Remove mailbox upon Number Deletion: A product adjustment to ensure we remove associated mailbox upon number removal.

UIFN Numbers & Packages in Cart 

All AVOXI users (Contact, Voice Jetpack/Flex) will soon have the ability to provision/purchase UIFN numbers directly from our online shopping.  With six packages to choose from based on their unique call needs, including our Premium (Extreme) plan suited to high usage customers. 

Release notes include new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.  Updates are done weekly so check back often to see what's new.  Please forward product suggestions to product@avoxi.com.

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March 27th, 2022


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