AVOXI Release Notes - January 11, 2022

AVOXI Deployment Summary:  This week we released our new improved left-hand navigation bar, made API visible to all, and fixed a few minor issues. 

NEW Left-Hand Navigation 

We launched our new and improved left-hand navigation bar, specifically designed to enhance our user experience.  With this change, our license page will no longer be available on the left nav and will move under the "Home" section.  View modifications and learn more here!   

Public API  

The API section has moved to the left-hand navigation and is now turned on/visible to all AVOXI Flex customers, giving you the ability to enable and build programmable APIs to embed voice and messaging into your business workflow.

Product Adjustments/Fixes 

  • Queue Callback Fix: We released a fix for an issue where a customer reported they were unable to pull up a call recording on multiple calls. 
  • An issue with Dispositions: A fix for an issue where a customer was unable to upload new dispositions for sales.
  • Call Forwarding Rules: Adjustments were made to fix an isolated issue where the “Target Destination” on the Active Numbers page did not match the details shown on the other pages. 

Service Coverage & Expansion

New Cart Inventory

Below is a breakdown of new locations added to our online shopping cart inventory:

  • Jetpack - DID (Port Your) - Finland 
  • Angola Luanda - TrueLocal 
  • Austria Innsbruck - TrueLocal
  • Jerusalem Tel Aviv - TrueLocal  
  • Israel Haifa,  National, Eilat and Herzliya - TrueLocal

Saudi Arabia Termination Rate Update 

Due to our new Carrier strategy, we have been able to negotiate reduced outbound rates in Saudi Arabia. This change is effective immediately and applies to our Hera Rate Sheet only (used for outbound SIP Trunks). 

Release notes include new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.  Updates are done weekly so check back often to see what's new.  Please forward product suggestions to product@avoxi.com.

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