How to Collect Microsoft Edge Console Logs

Please use the below step by step instructions to collect console logs from your Microsoft Edge browser:

Collecting Logs in Microsoft Edge

  1.  Right-click on a blank section of your screen. This will create a drop-down menu. Click the "Inspect" option in the drop-down menu.

  2. This will open another window. Select the "Console" tab in this window. (You may need to either expand the window a little bit to see the option to select "Console" or just click the ">>" symbol to show the "Console" option).

  3. Click the setting icon circled in red in the next image shown below.

  4. While in the preferences section, navigate to the "Console" section and enable "Show Timestamps"

  5. Right-click on any console message shown and click "Save as..." (doing this will save all the console information from your current session).

  6. The log name should populate with "" and a bunch of numbers. Change the name of the log to "<your name - yyyy/mm/dd>.log" (replace "your name" with your agent name in Genius and replace "yyyy/mm/dd" with year, month, and day respectively)
  7. Make sure to note the directory you saved the log file.
  8. Please send an email to (or if a case is already open, reply to the email chain already created) with the log file attached, provide us a quick explanation of the issue you are experiencing, the approximate time the issue occurred, and your timezone (the bolded, underlined text is important).

Do note: Console logs are not preserved in between refreshes of the Genius tab, closing of the browser containing the Genius tab, or navigating away from Genius dashboard to a completely different webpage. To at least preserve console logs in between refreshes of the current Genius session open, please follow the below steps. This is a good thing to enable and let be since this function doesn’t use much space at all on your computer:

Enabling the "Preserve Log" option in Microsoft Edge

  1. Follow the instructions above to open the console window.
  2. Click the console settings icon that is furthest right (refer to the image below for where to click).

  3. Enable "Preserve Log".

For collecting Google Chrome console logs, refer to this article here -> How to Collect Google Chrome Console Logs
For collecting Mozilla Firefox console logs, refer to this article here -> How to Collect Mozilla Firefox Console Logs

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