Activating SMS on a Genius Number

SMS forwarding enables businesses to receive incoming texts from their customers in email format. Forward your SMS messages to any email address. From your email, you can respond and your messages are converted to SMS and delivered to any mobile phone. 

This service feature is designed to help businesses improve their customer service by providing real-time customer interaction, alleviate hold times, and a convenient way for customers to reach other than a phone call or email.  Available on US/Canada toll free numbers, with 6 packages designed to suit any size business.   


Images and video (MMS) are not currently supported, in addition, SMS is not compatible when forwarding to SIP.

Enabling SMS on US Toll Free Numbers

  1.  Logged into your account
  2. Select the "Numbers" section located on the left-hand sidebar
  3. On the "Numbers page" select the phone line/number on which you wish to activate the SMS feature 
  4. On the number "Profile" tab you will find an "Enable SMS" button. Click the button to enable SMS on your associated number. 
  5. Select the appropriate storage package 
  6. When ready click the "Authorize Purchase" button to complete your task.  

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October 7th, 2021


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